Theatre of the Board


A seat at the Board table is the pinnacle of any Executive Director’s career. It is a recognition of their leadership qualities, specialist talent, strategic thinking capability and requires a professional who is an expert in their field. 

The Board Meeting is a unique setting where all of an Executive Director’s skills and knowledge will be called upon to influence, challenge, negotiate and make decisions that have far reaching implications. The audience at a Board Meeting is diverse, ranging from Executive colleagues to the general public, each Executive is expected to perform within a set of circumstances that can range from collaborative to difficult and challenging within the same meeting. As a leader, that performance will be crucial to the effectiveness of their organisation.

Under those intense conditions how do effective leaders draw upon their inner strengths ? How do they influence the audience in a way that engages and inspires confidence? How do they use their unique qualities to deliver an authentic performance?  How do they utilise the staging of the Board meeting to their best advantage?

The programme:

The Theatre of the Board is a programme aimed at newly appointed Executive Directors and aspiring Executive Directors who want to build confidence in their performance at the Board table. The programme will take participants on journey of self discovery and how they can maximise their impact through authentic performance in the Board setting.

The programme consists of three modules, which incrementally consolidate individual learning to build skill and confidence in performance at the Board. There is a unique opportunity to participate in a simulated Board meeting – enabling participants to experiment with different approaches to the Board meeting. Integral to the design of the programme is facilitated time to reflect and explore how individual performance can be enhanced through self awareness and refelection.  

The dates:

Module 1 - 18 & 19 June 2018 (2 days) –  The preparation -  self discovery, building on foundations to maximise impact

Module 2  - 10 July 2018 (1 day) –  The performance – simulated board setting

Module 3  - 4 September 2018 (1 day) The Review – reflexive learning into action

The modular elements of the programme are supplemented by three individual coaching sessions for each participant to enable continued self development whilst bringing the learning to life in real time back in the Board setting.

Delivery team:

Paul Beal

Paul specialises in HR and OD consultancy, Coaching and Conflict Resolution in the workplace. He was previously an Executive Director of HR & OD, working in a number of NHS organisations across London and the South East. Paul has lead and delivered transformational change programmes, working with Boards to define their strategic people priorities and delivering the required change to make these a reality.

Paul has designed and delivered Leadership Development programmes to increased confidence and capability within Executive teams. He is an experienced Executive Coach, working with individuals to enhance performance and realise their potential. He has a specific interest in the counselling- coaching paradigm to support individual growth and development and he maintains this within his facilitation style.

Paul is a Fellow of the CIPD, with qualifications in Executive Coaching, Counselling, and Workplace Mediation.

Karen Wise

Karen is a Human Resources Consultant and Coach with 20 years’ experience of working in Human Resources roles up to and including Director, primarily in the NHS and across a range of healthcare settings. Areas of specialism include organisational development, coaching, equality & diversity, staff engagement, organisational change, and all areas of employee relations.

Karen is an experienced facilitator, developing and implementing a range of development programmes, designed to be flexible to meet the client needs and using blended approaches to both maximise participants’ learning and to enable long term sustainable change.

Karen is MCIPD qualified with a Master’s degree in Coaching Psychology.

Application process:

To obtain a place on this programme you will need to complete an Expression of Interest (EoI).

Once we have received your EoI we will send you an application. Once the form is fully completed please return it to by 5pm, Friday 20th April.

Applications received after 5pm, Friday 20th April will not be submitted for shortlisting.


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