Solutions-focused Psychometric Instruments for Leadership Development

The South West Leadership Academy has funded two solutions-focused psychometric instruments which can aid individuals in the identification of leadership competencies that can be acquired, refined and developed through appropriate mentoring, coaching and training.  The instruments are free to NHS staff in the south west and have been designed to be used predominantly with those in leadership and management positions, but may have a wider application.

Solutions-focused psychometric instruments are unique as they are designed to be used directly by the user (or with a coach or mentor), and do not require the services of a qualified psychometric practitioner for feedback. 

The solutions available are:

The Competency Focused Personality Assessment (CFPA)

The CFPA uses Psytech’s Universal Competency Framework to predict respondents’ typical behaviour in each of the model’s competency domains.  From this, personal strengths and weaknesses in each of the model’s competency domains can be identified.  The solution takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and three reports are available:  development, selection and guidance.  The user can choose to download any combination of these.

Competency domains:

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

This solution investigates respondents’ Emotional Intelligence (EI) in terms of the conceptual framework proposed by Daniel Goleman and his colleagues. The solution can be used to identify personal strengths and weaknesses in each of the EI competency domains.  The solution takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

EI domains and competency clusters:

Choice of solution

The solutions are based on different competency domains, and users may therefore undertake one or both dependent, on which competency domains they wish to explore as part of their personal development.

Other Psychometric Inventories available from NHS South West Leadership Academy

Type Coach:  This interactive online tool allows you to discover your underlying personality traits or preferences which greatly influence the way you behave.  Rather than measure your ability it seeks to increase your understanding of your own and others behaviour.  It can help you appreciate why you and others see things differently and therefore establish more effective working relationships.

Accessing the Solutions and Type Coach

For further information or to access the Solutions or Type Coach please email:

You should have discussed this with your manager as part of your PDP.

Programme Resources

Please see below sample reports:

Competency Focused Personality Assessment - Development Report

Competency Focused Personality Assessment - Feedback Report

Competency Focused Personality Assessment - Selection Report

Supporting Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace - Development Report