Leadership Development for STP Implementation

Applications closed

Overview and objectives

The infrastructure of STPs goes beyond the plans themselves to a whole new way of system working.  This presents a challenge for the current generation of leaders – managerial and clinical – who have been brought up to engage competitively, to think “organisation”.  The FT process reinforces this historic approach.

Now, with the focus on system working through STPs, leaders are being challenged to change their mindsets.  Many top leaders indicate a willingness to get behind this process.  They in turn rely on middle leaders – those circa Band 8 and clinical counterparts – who hold the culture of their organisations in their hands.  It is this middle cadre of leaders who will be relied on to implement STPs.  For instance, an acute trust chief executive has indicated their support for the STP and system working, but recognise that their clinicians also need to get behind the changes.

This leadership development programme builds on a series of STP masterclasses and has the objectives of:

  • Changing the conversation of middle leaders through enabling them to “think system” and having the skills to have generative conversations
  • Aligning mind-sets so that middle leaders can take positive and proactive action to underpin STP implementation
  • Adopting a system perspective that begins to change the demand curve on acute and wider NHS services

The programme:

This programme will be delivered for middle leaders across the South West and it will be delivered through a combination of:

  • 1-day masterclasses
  • 1-day action learning sets

During this programme there will be a focus on skills, knowledge and behaviour:

  • Skills – in system leadership, change and leadership narrative
  • Knowledge – to enable shaping the context for system leadership
  • Behaviour – that positions mind-sets to “think system” and work collaboratively

Applying for the programme

  • You are required to be able to attend all dates stated in the brouchure and participate in all elements as set out. Therefore please check that you can attend all the dates of the programme.
  • The application process and allocation of places on the programme is being managed by NHS South West Leadership Academy.
  • The application form can be found within the brochure.
  • Applications will need to be submitted to leadership.SW@hee.nhs.uk before 5pm, Friday 6th October.