Developing Leaders for Talent Management Conversations

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There is clear evidence effective leadership results in improved outcomes for patients and that successful talent management contributes to building and embedding an inclusive and compassionate culture where human capital is valued and supported at all levels.

The Well-Led domain and Developing People- Improving Care Framework provide a very clear message in support of effective talent management and many organisations have started to implement talent management strategies to support their broader workforce and people development plans.

Although Talent strategies set out the purpose and scope of talent management, it’s the conversation that acts as the catalyst for identifying, nurturing, developing and moving talent. Leaders and managers play a vital role in its practical application and should be suitably equipped with the skills, behaviours and ‘talent’ mind-set to contribute successfully as enablers in the process. 

The programme

As a train the trainer programme delegates will learn to deliver the below content to leaders within their own organisations. Delegates will work through day one as a participant covering the below content and should invite along a colleague as an ‘interested stakeholder’ to attend day one with them (ideally a leader or manager who would form part of your targeted audience in the future).

Day one will enable delegates to;

  • Have an understanding of the different approaches to talent management
  • Be able to adapt talent potential conversations to their own organisational and system cultures
  • Understand how to use a range of specialist coaching and career development tools during conversations to ensure that both parties feel listened to, understood and valued
  • Understand how to ensure positive outcomes from every conversation using a Solution Focussed approach
  • Understand what a good quality talent management process looks like and how this differs from standardised appraisals
  • Be able to address negative and difficult conversations in a confident and positive way
  • Understand and be able to work through the Zone of Uncomfortable Debate

Delegates will then work through the train the trainer aspect on Day 2, which enables them to deliver the initial workshop in a capable and confident way and;

  • Develop a strong understanding of the theory behind each model and the common practices in talent management
  • Understand how to facilitate an engaging and informative talent management conversations workshop
  • Understand the theory and practicalities of facilitation skills
  • Understand how to link the workshop to the needs of different organisational and system cultures
  • Start formulating a high level delivery plan that gives consideration to your approach and how you plan to pilot this within your organisation

Requirements and Commitment for this programme

  • Delegates should be experienced facilitators or trainers and have capacity to deliver this programme as part of their role in the organisation
  • Delegates must be committed to attending both workshops and should bring along an ‘interested stakeholder’ to day one in order to gain a broader perspective and enrich the content (an intended delegate like a leader or line manager would be best placed for this).
  • This programme is designed to build capability and confidence of the leader/line manager population in talent focused conversations and delegates from this programme will be key in delivering the content and ensuring its success and sustainability within their organisations. For this reason, delegates will be expected to plan and deliver a minimum of 1 pilot programme within Q1 2018, feeding back success, reflections and evaluation to the SWLA. The delegate will be required to work closely with the SWLA throughout 2018 to ensure the programme objectives are met and impact is measured.


Day one: Wednesday 7th March 2018 (Woodlands Castle, Taunton) OR Thursday 8th March (Plymouth International Business Park)

Day two: Tuesday 27th March 2018 - South West House, Taunton TA1 2PX

Each date will be a full day session (approx. 9:30am - 4:30pm).


Rebekah Giffney: Through her work, Rebekah challenges mind-sets, builds belief and supports change through the use of psychology-based development. Rebekah’s flagship leadership, training and skills programmes develop individuals and their organisations, using a range of innovative techniques which result in demonstrable on-the-ground change and performance improvement. Her lived experiences of working within both the public and private sector gives her a broad experience base to draw from in order to bring the science and psychology to life in a way that her delegates can relate to and apply to their context.


Ed Tempest: Having started his career at the National College for School Leadership, Ed has substantial experience of working with organisations in the private, voluntary and public sectors to develop their people, build capacity and deliver results for the communities they serve.

A qualified and experienced executive coach, he has served as Chair of the National NHS Coaching and Mentoring Group and his work takes a coaching approach to focus in on drawing out the best from individuals and teams at all levels. He was part of a four person team that laid the foundations for the NHS Leadership Academy’s work in Talent Management and is currently working with the East Midlands Leadership Academy to improve the confidence and capability of managers in having effective Talent Management conversations. He combines this experience with certifications in various psychometric tools as well as being a trainer of coaches in various large organisations.

Application process

To obtain a place on this programme you will need to complete the application form which can be found to the side of the page and under programme resources. For your application to be considered, your application and associated supporting commitment must be fully completed and returned to by 5pm, Friday 26th January 2018.

Applications received after 5pm, Friday 26th January 2018 will not be submitted for shortlisting.