Collaborative Leadership programme in partnership with The Kings Fund

Applications closed

We have pleasure in inviting you to apply for a new collaborative leadership programme developed by the South West leadership Academy in partnership with the Kings Fund.

The NHS Five Year Forward View talks about harnessing the ‘renewable energy represented by patients and communities’ and the need to ‘engage with communities and citizens in new ways, involving them directly in decisions about the future of health and care services’.  Delivering the Forward View and transforming the patient and public experience of health and care will involve place based and system wide leadership from local leaders developing and implementing a shared vision with their local community.

Success will depend on building open, trusting, and collaborative partnerships across the system. The perspectives, knowledge and experiences of patients, service users and citizens will be an important resource for those involved in the design and delivery of local services. Learning to work together will involve developing our shared and system leadership practices. 

We know that building these collaborative relationships is not always easy and requires a shift in thinking and the adoption of new ways of working from all of us. So we have put together a unique programme in conjunction with The King’s Fund. The programme will be facilitated by senior consultants from The King’s Fund, an independent charity working to improve health and care in England. The programme will explore how health care professionals (clinicians and managers) and patients and citizen leaders can work and learn collaboratively and in partnership.   

Clinicians, managers, patients, service users, carers and community leaders will learn how to build productive relationships, develop a culture of collaborative and cooperative working across the system whilst exploring how different roles and perspectives can be a constructive force for transformational change   

Who is the programme for?

The programme has been designed for trios (comprising any health and care professional/clinician, their senior manager and patient/service user, carer or citizen) from the same local health and care system, to work together on a shared challenge.

Clinicians and managers might want to find new ways of engaging and working with patients, service users and citizens. This might include building co-productive relationships that support conversations enabling strategic thinking and shared decision making.

Patients, services users and citizens might involve those keen to explore how to work in partnership with health care professionals in ways that build a different way of working together. They could be drawn from local community groups, particularly those representing traditionally marginalised groups within the health and care system. Or they could be currently working as patient leaders, patient and public involvement representatives or a lay member of a Trust or Healthwatch.

The programme

The content of the programme will be co-produced with participants and therefore we can only provide indicative content at this stage but experience has shown us that people want to explore the following:

  • How to develop relationships across the system with people who might have different agendas 
  • Develop the tools and practices to handle difficult conversations
  • Developing tools and techniques to effectively communicate your message across the system
  • Effectively managing the political context
  • Building a support network to develop your partnership working in the workplace

All the content and skill development is designed to support your practice of working in partnership to deliver the project/issue or challenge that you have brought to the programme. 

How will you benefit from the programme?

As a patient, carer, service user or citizen you will:

  • Learn how to influence and build constructive relationships with health care professionals
  • Access opportunities to build your personal leadership presence and skills and develop your confidence at sitting with others around the table in order to work together to support the design and delivery of health care services
  • Join a network of other patients, service users and citizen leaders and health care professionals. A network of peers that will support your continued development as a leader

As a clinician and/or manager you will:

  • Learn new ways of working with patients, service users and the community
  • Develop the mindset, skillset  and practices that will support collaborative and partnership working with other stakeholders in the system, particularly patient  and community leaders
  • Develop the skills, particularly related to communication practices that build relationships, sustain them, and successfully manage relationships if they become difficult.
  • Explore the challenge of the shifting roles from manager and clinician to collaborative partner

Together you will: 

  • Learn in a practical and supportive environment to make progress on a real-time challenge for your organisation
  • Build a productive and collaborative relationship that provides a model for your organisation
  • Join a network of collaborative trios from across your health and care system that can contribute to regional and national thinking about what the NHS Five Year Forward View’s aspirations for a new relationship with patients and communities will look like 

More information can be found in the links below.

Applications will be closing 5pm, Monday 8th May.

Programme Resources

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