Calderdale Framework Foundation Day

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The Course

The Calderdale Framework provides a clear and systematic method of reviewing skill mix and roles within a service to ensure quality and safety for patients.  It is wholly transferable to any health or social care setting, and enables patient focused development of new roles and new ways of working, leading to improved efficiency in utilisation of roles.  The process of applying CF leads to the development of a detailed competency training document, based on tasks and functions which are needed to deliver patient focused services. This provides the basis for work-based training, and reduces unjustifiable variations in care.

This is an interactive one day workshop designed to give participants an overview and understanding of The Calderdale Framework and its supporting tools. It is the first step of the Effective Workforce Programme, and equips participants with the knowledge and understanding to become Calderdale Framework champions in their organisation. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Have an introduction to the Calderdale Framework and how to implement it
  • Have an introduction to service analysis in line with patient’s needs
  • Have an introduction of how to define and analyse tasks for delegation or sharing
  • Have an introduction of how  to transform tasks into competencies
  • Have an introduction of how to set up your workplace to support new ways of working
  • Have an introduction of how to create a training programme for all staff involved
  • Have an introduction of how to monitor, evaluate and sustain new ways of working

The Course Tutors: 

Rachael Smith and Jayne Duffy, the creators, developers and IP holders of The Calderdale Framework.

They have been developing The Calderdale Framework for several years and were highly commended at The HSJ Awards 2008 for their work around delegation, and again finalists at 2011 HSJ Awards with their work in relation to using the Calderdale Framework to successfully implement Assistant Practitioners into practice.

In 2013 the work using CF to integrate the Health and Social Care Workforce again led to finalist inclusion of The HSJ Awards. Both Rachael and Jayne hold Master of Science Academic Awards.

We are holding two workshops one in Exeter and the other in Bristol, click the hyperlinks to book your place.

Programme Resources

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