Personal Benchmarking and Diagnostic Assessments - Psytech Feedback Facilitator Training

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
to Thursday, January 30, 2014

As you may know already, emerging GP and Commissioning Leads in the South West were given access to a personal benchmarking and diagnostic assessment tool last year. This tool, provided by Psytech International, proved very successful in helping colleagues within emerging CCGs develop a better understanding of their personal leadership styles and competencies.
Given the positive feedback we received about this tool, we are now looking to extend this offer to selected leaders across the system. For example, we aim to target participants on a range of our regional and national programmes as well as senior and emerging leaders within your own organisation who you feel might benefit from such an opportunity.

The Report

Anyone who wishes to use this diagnostic tool will receive a comprehensive and in-depth report (an example report is attached for your information). This report is based upon responses given to two questionnaires: 15FQ+ (a trait based personality assessment) and JTI, or Jung Type Indicator, being an indicator of personality type.  These instruments have been chosen as they each provide a slightly different perspective an individuals, their styles and behavioural preferences.
Such information can be of considerable value in understanding ourselves and our typical preferences, likely strengths, development needs and styles. Whilst the report could be used as an aid to that self-knowledge on its own, best value is gained by using this information in partnership with a trained development professional. We are therefore looking to train volunteers from our coaching and facilitation community who can support individuals who complete this report and provide up to two feedback sessions in order to make best use of this valuable development opportunity. Although a number of people will require just one or two meetings in which to reflect on the report, we are hopeful that others may wish to develop a longer coaching relationship, working through any issues which arise, thus providing valuable coaching practice for our internal faculty.

Next Steps

If you are interested in developing your coaching and facilitation skills further by supporting this initiative and joining our list of trained feedback facilitators, we are providing a choice of two training sessions that will take place on the following dates at Lyngford House, Taunton:
Wednesday 29th January 2014
Thursday 30th January 2014
These full day workshop will develop your understanding of the psychometric tools utilised in the creation of this report and support you in identifying key coaching themes and links between the four sections of the report.
The workshops will be led by Carl Francis, Senior Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Head of UK Operations, Psytech International.
Please note that places are limited so we would encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment by completing the application form and emailing it to

Lyngford House, Taunton