Master Class Series - Stress Solutions & Assertiveness

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
10:00 to 16:00

The programme:

An interactive workshop that offers a unique approach to the management of our own emotional and physiological reactions to stress – and other people!  In the context of patient safety, improved efficiencies and staff motivation, stress has emerged as a key factor undermining our performance and making us more prone to error. Managing our stress responses with ingrained strategies is a fundamental step in the reduction of errors, mistakes and violations.

Combined with effective, appropriate assertiveness skills to ensure a potential mishap is prevented through confident and timely intervention, our working day will be more positive and patients will be safer. 

We will include:

  • Understanding our stress responses, their purpose and how to recognise them
  • Appreciating how heightened stress levels can lead to an increased risk of error
  • Developing a managed response to stress in your working life – practical and highly effective management strategies
  • Recognising where we focus our energy and how to be more effective in managing energy levels
  • Understanding how to build a greater resilience to stress
  • Exploring how physiology can affect your performance and ultimately the safety of a situation
  • Recognising and managing stress in others
  • Developing the skill of Balanced Assertiveness – understand what it means and why is it so important for effective teamwork
  • Understanding the different between passive, assertive and aggressive behaviours
  • Strategies for dealing with unhelpful attitudes and behaviours - how to effectively implement the PACE model
  • Recognising the benefits of having that crucial conversation and overcoming the barriers to opening up that conversation
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Exeter Racecourse, Devon, EX6 7XS