Master Class Series - Margaret Heffernan, Wilful Blindness

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
10:00 to 16:00

The programme:

Why, after every organisational failure, does it turn out that dozens or hundreds of people knew about problems but turned a blind eye to them? What is it about the way we work, the way we organize work, the language we use and the assumptions we make that leave us blind to problems that we could address?

You will:

  • Learn what makes us blind and what it is in human nature, in the structure of our brains and of our institutions, that makes us so prone to this weakness
  • Understand why we would keep ourselves in the dark, and what stops us from seeing
  • Consider why some warnings go unheeded
  • Find out what the unconscious drivers are that make us obey and conform
  • Explore the reasons that wilful blindness may not always be disastrous
  • Learn how to confront facts and fears, to achieve real power and unleash our capacity for change

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Gipsy Hill Hotel, EX1 3RN