Master Class Series - The Connected Leader – culture driven performance

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
09:30 to 16:00

The programme:
With an ever increasing tension between achieving financial viability and maintaining quality patient care, many NHS leaders have toiled to a place of near exasperation and exhaustion to find sustainable solutions.
The Connected Leader Master Class is here to help you to achieve a better understanding of how you have influence over yourself and others even when you believe the ‘system’ controls all outcomes. You will come away more able to find ways to combine productivity and care by connecting with people even in your busiest moments, and understanding how you and your team can establish accountability from within and from those around you.
You will:

  • Reveal the secret yet deceptively simple formula that leaders can implement to develop a high care, high performance culture
  • Explain a psychological condition called ‘self-deception’ that is rife in our organisations today and causing immense damage to organisational effectiveness and patient care
  • Enable participants to re-conceive and solve some of their most challenging relationships and organisational issues
  • Lead inspirational group discussions with peers around a proven approach to creating a high care, high performance culture
  • Allow all participants to take a look at themselves and re-connect with why they chose to work in the Health Service in the first place.
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